Period Tracker Deluxe App Reviews

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It works well for what I need

Ive been using this for over a year now and I love this app! It helps me remember and keeps me on track for planning things. I strongly recommend this app if you always forget when you get or get off your period! ✌

Great health tool

Whether you are young and just starting your cycles, older and trying to have a baby, or older yet with life changes this app is great for tracking and sharing with your doctor. Being able to track how you feel physically and mentally feel are great things to share with your doctor especially if your cycle is a problem. I have shared this app with many women and they are grateful. Sometimes when I just dont understand why I feel different on a particular day I check and sure enough its about that time which explains everything.

This app is great!

Love using this app. Happily paid the 99 cents to have all the additional features!

The best!

Been using since 2011->present. Love it

Wonderful app

This app is so helpful

Great App!!!

It predicts my period and ovulation to the day...without fail!


I can tell the doctor when my last period was now. So thats cool.


I dont need to spend too much time in this app, but its super easy to use and pretty accurate.

Been Using it for Years

I have been using this app for years. I bought the paid version after about a year, and its definitely been worth it. Its been very accurate for my cycle. Its helped me conceive twice, and the pregnancy mode works really well. Lots of options. I have recommended it to many of my friends over the years.

Excellent app!

Have used both free and full versions - worth the money!! Love this app - user friendly and easy to use.


Gets the job done when you are trying to stay on track for fertility reasons.

Fantastic App

As stated above... love it

Love it!!!!

Easy to enter data, easy to read THANK YOU!

Perfect, easy to use

Ive used this app for years!

Great App. Helps me plan vacation.....

Its great I can see when the m going to get my period throughout the year. So I can plan all my vacations around my period.

Love this app

Ive been using this app for years & I absolutely love it! Each update makes it better & better

Best thing to happen for periods since tampons❣️

I have used this app religiously, every month, for the last 4 years. I dont miss the days of wondering whether or not I was late, and not having any tampons because I didnt think I would get "it" till next week! Ugh!! This app is spot on with my expected period dates.... its exact every time, all the time!❤️❤️❤️

Fantastic App!

I have been using this app for about a year now, and I love it! Its like the developers thought of everything great for a period app. I love the themes! I wish there were a few more to choose from, but that is me just not picking. Recommended app!

Love this app

Ive used this app for a few years now. It keeps track for me when my period is due when ovulation is expected without me having to do anything. I think its a great app for women so we dont have to remember anything. It does it all for us. ❤️

Good tracker

Love this- Ive been using it for years now- easily got pregnant when we wanted to, and has helped us naturally plan our family. Only wish I could see multiple months at a glance to see what is to be expected with weight gain, mood etc....

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